Wandering monk

‘Sound of Buddhism’ is not a Buddhist Centre. Of what could it possibly be ‘a centre’?
However, a few  people could study or meditatie at our place and also individual appointments can take place here.
‘Wandering’ means: going there, being present, where there is a wish for it.
Without a ‘physical centre’ , where people have to come to.
‘Sound of Buddhism’ is Sungrab Woeser -Leen van der Meij- , novice monk in the Sakya
School of Tibetan Buddhism. Married to Meta Kappetein, since 1993.
Buddhist Doctrine, Buddha’s Teachings (Buddha Dharma) is aimed at lasting happiness and well being for all sentient beings.
For that reason it is my wish to go there, where people want to hear the Sound of

For people of every mindset or school of thought.
The desired activity can be agreed upon. Also the location can be chosen in consultation, partly in relation to the number of participants.
Either a one-time meeting or regular meetings are possible.
The format in which one wishes to become acquainted with Buddhism or Meditation, is versatile.
A workshop, lecture, study day, school project, conference, course, individual advice, a ritual for marriage, house blessing, mourning or death, the dying process, advice on retreats, interviews etc.