Professional Curriculum

Professional positions held (1971 – 2010)

Professional Nursing Education in psychiatry and general nursing

Teacher and Field Trainer in psychiatry nursing education

Project Manager of nursing organisational innovations in a nursing home.

Department Manager in Home Care

Self employed Consultant in Palliative End-of-Life Care

Coordinator of Volunteers in In-home Hospice Care

Counselor for Bereavement Groups

Volunteer in In-home Hospice Care

Trainer of Hospice Volunteers

Hospice Board Member

Coordinator in Support Station for Caregivers of People with Dementia

Coordinator and Moderator in Alzheimer Café

Professional Education:

1. Nursing in General Care and Psychiatric Care
2. Teachers Education in Nursing
3. Academy for Management and Education in Health Care
4. Management Training for Volunteers in End-of-life Homecare

5. Counsellor Training in Bereavement Care, And End-of life Care

6. Training in Counselling of Caregivers
7. Training in Counselling of dementia processes.

8. Professional Communication Clown Training for People with Dementia