The discovery of Buddhism is based on the  teachings of Buddha, which he gave in the Sutras, and which later developed into the philosophical Buddhist teachings of the great Indian Masters.

Many may think that study and religion are contradictions, that religion is only concerned with having blind faith in dogmas. This is viewed very differently in Buddhism. There are different forms of trust. An intelligent form of trust is based on critical analysis and philosophical considerations. This trust is clearly more stable, because it is based on a deeper understanding.

Reading and discussing Buddhist texts differs from secular texts because the goals are different. The nature of the reading material is different, and consequently the underlying motivation should be different. We do not learn only to get information, but for personal practice and to change our minds. And so that an accurate and well-founded understanding of Buddhist Doctrine, the nature of the mind, the inner of the mind, can be achieved.

It is also good to study with a beneficial motivation, namely: that this knowledge can also serve others. In particular compassion: the desire to act for the benefit of others. Here we learn themes that will help ourselves and others in the long term. We learn that nirvãna is the real peace. It only depends on ourselves to realize the peace of nirvana in our own mind.

However: how do we develop our mind to nirvana? This is done by learning, reflecting and meditating. We learn and study with the awareness that knowing serves to recognize the mind in the right way. Ultimately, everything serves to further our development, to become more equal and peaceful, and to free ourselves from deception, illusion and disappointment. The aim is to obtain the means that liberate the mind from all causes of suffering and to bring the mind into a peaceful state.

Those who only study and do not practice cannot gain experience, nor can they achieve realizations. If this is understood correctly, the deep understanding of the dharma is an important foundation for meditation. Learning makes meditation more effective.