There are so many sounds in daily life. Pleasant and unpleasant sounds. Sounds of war and peace. Sounds of love and hate. From sadness and joy. Of indifference and compassion. From the beginning and the end. From illness and cure. From Iphones and Mozart. From noise and silence. From destruction and working up. From taking responsibility and looking away. From fear and trust. From nature and asphalt. From religion and nihilism. From clowns and reality. From thoughts and emotions. From far and near. From supermarket and homeless newspaper. From bees and insecticides. From habits and adventure. From clear and vague.

And there is the Sound of Buddhism. It is not a Buddhist center. Although a small number of people could meditate or study with us. Sound of Buddhism consists of: Sungrab Woeser – Leen van der Meij. Married to Meta Kappetein.


Over and over, over the past 21 years, when my teachers started their teachings, initiations, or meditations, they pointed out that our motivation is very important. By this they meant: the Dharma is not for us alone, but for lasting happiness and well-being of all living beings. That is why I travel to those places where people want to hear the Sound of Buddhism. Independent of contradictions. Buddha has explained his doctrine (teachings) to all kinds of people, from every belief and background, to adults and children, to animals and to the nature of all. He used the multitude of sounds as a starting point for this. Out of compassion and wisdom.

Sound of Buddhism comes to you by invitation. Independent of contradictions. A traveling (wandering) monk, so to speak. As it was customary in Buddha’s time. He is my great friend and great example.