There are times that are black. We all know them.

Infinitely long, or extremely short.

Physical pain. Mental. Emotional. Relational.

The night is cold. The morning is far.


Buddha’s teachings are based on his first two noble truths: there is suffering, and this suffering has causes. This is the diagnosis of our suffering, as a doctor. The third noble truth is the positive message: the path to liberation from suffering. The fourth is the eightfold path that leads to liberation of suffering.
Meditation can activate and support self-healing powers.

Sungrab Woeser is not, and does not want to be, a therapist. But he has experience with the power of meditation, as a method of healing or alleviation of suffering. And he studies Buddhist philosophy, in which thinking is offered to turn suffering into inner peace and harmony. There will be no practical solutions. But we practice together in meditation, in order to find more inner peace and equanimity.

The maximum duration of each appointment is 1.5 hours and takes place at Sungrab Woeser’s home.

The costs are based on generosity: You can donate.